About The Founder

A Life Devoted To Baseball

    As a full participant in youth baseball from the time he was 4-years-old, to a healthy baseball career, and back to coaching little league baseball. Nick Shaw, founder of 'The Batter's Box', has had the full experience of the baseball grind and how certain products and techniques make succeeding in this grueling sport much easier. The development of 'The Batter's Box' is a direct result of these experiences. Along with bringing convenience to parents and premium products to their ballplayers, the drills and workouts included may be the real prize of this box! Give it a try!!! We know you won't regret it!

The Batter's Box is brought to you by members of the Swerve Ball Trick Shot Crew! Featured on ESPN and various other channels, click the link below to watch the full video!   

As we are always trying to get in touch with the youth baseball world, questions and comments are always welcome! 

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